Our goal is improved performance in ALL areas of your life. By following your personalized plan, you will become leaner, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic.
Atlas Fit trainers use advanced tools not commonly found at fitness centers to analyze the health of your body on a cellular level, and can use fat distribution patterns to deduce what is keeping you from achieving your goals. Hormones direct fat distribution in your body’s specific regions, and those measurements give us the clues we need to identify your priorities regarding changes to lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and genetic triggers. Since your priorities change as you progress, ongoing assessments are critical to track progress and adjust your plan. We utilize the following non-invasive tools and techniques:

BioPrint/BioSignature Modulation:
BioPrint/BioSignature involves measuring up to 14 sites on your body with calipers designed for consistency and accuracy. These sites include the following skinfolds:

  • Chin

  • Cheek

  • Pectoral (Chest)

  • Triceps

  • Biceps

  • Sub-scapular (Upper Back)

  • Mid-axillary (Below the Armpit)

  • Suprailiac (Hips)

  • Australian (Lower Back)

  • Umbilical (Stomach)

  • Knee

  • Calf

  • Quadricep (Front of the upper Leg)

  • Hamstring (Back of the upper Leg)

Proprietary software, developed by renowned coach Charles Poliquin, processes skin-fold measurements using an algorithm which identifies hormonal imbalances by fat distribution patterns. Poliquin’s method was developed by correlating measurements and blood test results from his clients & athletes over a 25-year period.
Through BioPrint/BioSignature, we get an in-depth look at your specific, individual needs. This assessment method identifies hormonal imbalances which can often be mediated with recommended supplement protocols and dietary changes, and also helps us determine the macronutrient ratio of protein, fat, and carbs that works best for you.
*Note: Caliper assessments involve pinching skin in sensitive areas such as the upper thigh, upper pectoral, upper back below the scapula, and directly below the buttocks. Attire must allow access to measure these areas, so both men and women need to wear loose shorts and women need to wear a sports bra. These measurements can be obtained in the privacy of the gym office and you may request to have a female/male assistant present in addition to your trainer.
These assessments are included for membership packages and personal training clients. Access members and the general public may purchase assessments for a fee. 


Common Questions

Information is good, whether you visit a specialist doctor and have invasive blood tests or you undergo noninvasive assessments at Atlas Fit. As body composition, strength, and endurance specialists, we interpret all available data and create an actionable plan you can use to achieve your goals. We suggest protocols that can modulate your assessment results closer to your particular goal—giving you a leaner, healthier, stronger, and more energetic body and mind.

For clients who purchase a training package, ongoing assessments are conducted to gauge the body’s response and ensure continued progress and body composition improvements. Beyond the initial assessment clients receive additional assessments throughout the year, typically on a monthly basis. Assessments provide data needed to customize workouts, nutrition, and supplement protocols to meet individual goals. Follow-up assessments usually take 15-30 minutes.

Noticeable results depend on many factors, including cellular health, hormones, nutrition, supplements, activity level, lifestyle factors, and compliance. A twelve-week commitment with 90-95% adherence allows most clients to reach their goals.