Director of Training 

PoliquinTM  BioSignature Practitioner & PICP Level 2 Strength Coach

 Soma Trainer (currently studying under Guy Voyer, DO)


James Morrison has been in the fitness industry for the past seven years as a Fitness Manger and Personal Trainer at several health clubs in the California and Austin, Texas areas.

James started his career while obtaining a degree in Biopsychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara with two minors in Exercise Sports Studies and Personal Training and Group Fitnes.

James started his journey in health and fitness following the repercussions of a severe head injury along with low back, hip, and shoulder issues. This led James to search for his own solutions.  Within his journey, James found that many shared in his struggles and that his personal pursuit created a connection with others that he could help. This desire and passion to be involved in the health and fitness’s industry was a result of his personal struggle and the empathy he shared with others who needed a better direction.

James is passionate about finding solutions to help others and in his pursuit has learned from some of the industry’s best in health and fitness. He continues to attend seminars and certifications programs with Charles Poliquin, Ann Fredericks, Chris Fredericks, Andre Beniot, Derek Woodske, Bob Rakowski, DC, and Guy Voyer, DO to name a few. His mission; to make our members healthy, fit and to not only enjoy the outcome, but to learn and respect the process.

He brings expert knowledge to the table to push ATLAS•FIT’S clients beyond their apprehensions by showing them what they are capable of. His specialties are: strength training, movement, mobility, nutrition, program design, muscle gain and fat loss. The ultimate goal is getting you to being a leaner and healthier you.

James knows that he can impact lives by showing his clients that they have the power and are capable of making a change. His technique shows them avenues to better themselves mentally and physically by providing the tools and support they need to be their own catalyst to change their lives.

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