Our Methods

One size does not fit all. Everybody is unique and we customize our approach, product, and services based on individual needs. We evaluate health, body composition, and lifestyle using a multi-pronged approach. Our trainers are certified in the use of highly specialized tools and software consisting of bioelectrical impedance assessments, ultrasound imaging technology, and BioPrint/BioSignature Modulation. We take the time to understand our clients’ goals and then develop a customized workout program.
We offer high quality doctor-grade supplements including, but not limited to, Metagenics, Nutri-Dyn, NuMedica, Designs for Health, and Thorne; and sports performance supplements such as Poliquin Brand and Prime Nutrition, and will also make dietary suggestions to help you maximize your results. 
At ATLAS•FIT, we firmly believe that measurable results are a necessity for the creation and delivery of the highest quality products and services.  Beyond knowledge and skill, we have the passion to help you change your life.
We have PICP (PoliquinTM International Certification Program) Level 2 Strength Coaches and Trainers on staff. The PICP techniques provide you with unique and specific training to suit your individual needs.


Owner / Business Development: Kim Bayless

Director of Personal Training: James Morrison

Operations Manager/ Trainer: Liz Shaw